How the Demon was Expelled

Nkiruka told the story of how the demon was expelled.

I am 33. A lady with a lot of ambitions. I am a graduate, for my love of dishes, I went to catering school just to learn to prepare uncommon dishes, both continental and intercontinental. I am Anglican. I believe in God; I believe in the power of prayer. My family is staunch Anglican, we do not fail to attend sunday services. From childhood, I had been attending fellowships, I’m equally a Bible class student. I grew up to believe that my parents’ backgrounds are godly. My dad did tell me as a child how his father, my grandfather taught him to be a good christian. My mother was Catholic; her background story is quite similar with my dad’s. I have been a virgin till about 5 years after my graduation from the tertiary institution; it wasn’t my decision though to get deflowered, however, I put the blame not on anyone but myself.

When I clocked 25, my desire to get married became stronger. I had watched my younger ones get married, my mates, classmates, schoolmates, some of their weddings I attended. A year after 25, I really believed it was going to be my year of getting married to a young, responsible guy whom God had made for me, but my dream never came through. Letting the year get by without getting married was a nightmare for me because right from adulthood, I had hoped to get married at or before 25 as my mum always told me that’s the ripe age for marriage. My dream seemed to be shattered, my hope seemed lost. Then, I became inquisitive about my marital status. I sought responses from God, from my godly friends, my parents, even my pastors. I found no answer.

At 29, I realized it’s not a joke anyomre. Seeing my friends carry their beautiful and handsome babies made me drop tears. It’s not that I was not happy for them, it’s because I don’t know why I was not married yet. One day, an incidence took place that made me cry to my God in a different way…the incidence, I won’t be able to disclose right now.

While praying in tears, trust and confidence in God, my maker one fateful morning, He talked to me. What He said to me on that day changed my marital status and life for the best. But! He taught me something very important in the process: Patience.

First of all, I began to learn and live by that virtue of patience. It was not easy but God gave me enough grace to carry me. Don’t think that I married the next year! I didn’t marry as quickly as I felt I would. I got married to the love of my life, the flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bone 4 years after. Do you imagine all I went through within these years? My life was beautified, glorified and made holy. I stayed away from sex, prayed more, read more the Word of God, became kinder, more honest, more faithful to humanity, to my job, to the church, I gave more time, and most importantly, I became more patient. Then, I learnt what patience is truly all about. I think the Word of God that says ‘Be still and know that I am God,’ is the best sentence to express the true meaning of patience which I, Nkiruka learnt in 4 years. Then also, I understood that it doesn’t ever matter whether all my friends, mates, siblings, etc are married, that what’s important to God was that I learnt the virtue of patience so that I can manage my marriage when He blesses me with my man.

Immediately, this virtue was confirmed learned by God, that was when He led me to the answer I sought for years without an answer. He didn’t tell me the cause of my marital delay, rather, He gave me the solution to it. He asked me to say Sarah’s prayer in Tobit 3, 11-15, and lastly, He asked me to burn the incense, repeating the same act and in in spirit and truth, that Angel Raphael directed Tobias to carry out as recorded in Tobit 8, 1-3. This saw the end of my frequent fornication with known and unknwon faces in my dreams and I became a new creature in Christ Jesus.

So, my advice to the world is this: The world is more spiritual than physical. Premarital and extramarital sex has destroyed many men, women, children, marriages, destinies. When one engages in sex outside marriage, one mingles with as many demons as many people he/she sleeps with, and the circle keeps rolling round and round. Some demons are easily cast out by a little prayer, some vibrant prayer, while some stubborn ones may not even be cast out, except by God’s special intervention just like my own case. For truly, I went through hell before I gained my freedom…I was delivered times and again, by different priest, asked to do long term prayers with fasting including at midnights. All to no avail. It was indeed and truly only my personal encounter with God that saved me. And I am glad to let the world know that I am a free being today, and I’m glad also to announce that I am expectant!

My Home Tutor Taught Me This

Mr Sly was the head teacher of Brainy Kids Schools, Abuja. He started off as Grade 5 class teacher, and after 9 years of service, he was made the head teacher. He was the most trusted male teacher. The school management regularly did staff appraisal, and from the records, Mr Sly was selected as the most deserving of the head teacher position after his predecessor’s relocation to Australia. It was a joyful moment for Mr Sly, other teachers respected him so much as he respected himself as well. He handled the position with extra care; he encouraged his fellow teachers to do their work well and on time, ensuring their lesson notes and plan are regularly checked and marked before use, seeing that class lessons are done judiciously, and that a month to the exam, the questions are typed and printed. He monitored co-curricular activities as well. He earned the trust of many, including parents, and since he had being with the school for 9 years, he knew much about the school, so, he virtually had good answers to questions about the school, he had very well got acquainted with school management. With time, parents began requesting that he did extra lessons at home for their kids. Mr Sly at first turned them down, but when he saw many parents were still clamouring for that and they were ready to pay a good sum, he had a rethink.
His first day at Dr. Seun’s house was beautiful. He joined Tokey, Dr. Seun’s daughter when his driver came to pick her. She was 5 years and was in Grade 1. Sarah was home at the time they arrived. She was the one who took Mr Sly to the sitting room where she served him juice and meatpie, and went back to take care of her daughter. She had made lunch for her; white spagetti with sauce, and immediately she had lunch, she sent her to her room to take a nap. Mr Sarah finally settled in the sitting room where she discussed at length with Mr Sly, the time for the lesson.
Mrs Sarah was a house wife. Her husband stopped her from working after her third miscarriage due to the stress of her banking job; she was the head of the marketing team in her branch. She’s a pretty woman. Her love for light skinned men made her choose Dr Seun of the many she dated. She hated the fact that she was stuck in the house, but had no choice as her husband would hit her at the mention of work, she also needed to put herself together since she needed another child.
It was a year already. Mr Sly was doing his job well and the family of Dr Seun are very happy with him. He had become closer to the family, and he had earned the family’s trust. Sometimes, he helped Mrs Sarah with shopping. Her husband never took note of that as he was hardly at home; he owned a big hospital in the heart of the town, and also works in a governement hospital as a funally

I Married my Best Friend’s Fiance

Dora, you need to see how vexed I am right now. How could Francis do such a thing to you? You are a woman of substance by all standards, you’ve got what every responsible man needs in a woman, your love and care for humanity even makes me envious atimes, your passion and honesty in seeing things done the right way is a virtue every woman should pray for. You don’t just deserve to be in the hands of a good man; you deserve the best from him, so knowing your fiance treats you like this really makes me scared of accepting any man’s proposal, because if a man you spoil with so much love, honesty and care could treat a beauty like you this way, how would the crazy me be treated? In short babe, forget about that guy, even though he had asked you to marry him, you could as well let him go, a man who truly loves you shouldn’t cheat on it, never! What it means is that even after your wedding, that’s in the marriage, he will cheat even the more.
Sobbing passionately, Dora held her friend, who in turn tried to console her the more. Babe, if you keep on crying like you’ve lost someone, then, I may need to let you be until you are tired…thinking… I just keep wondering why good women usually end up with heartbreakers…As Vivian was about talking to Dora, her mum called out…”Dora!” “Yes mum”, she answered. Her eyes red with tears still running, and her hair looking unkempt, she dragged herself to the kitchen where her mum called from. Her mum had made her see reasons to pray and stop crying. She believes that her daughter loves her fiance so much, and she wished them a happy marriage, as the two showed true love to each other, however, she couldn’t understand Francis’ reason for calling off the engagement. All she could do is console her lovely daughter and make her get her beautiful life back; without Francis. They had dated for a year, and were set to marry after the lockdown. She feels for her daughter but there’s nothing she can do.

Dora resumed work as the lockdwon came to an end. She lectures at the University of Portharcourt. Fate brought her close to a business tycoon one day, on her way to the mall. They exchanged contacts, hoping to see again some day. It was mere contact exchange for Dora, but for the business mogul, he meant business. Dora finds it a bit difficult to mingle, she rather prefers to be close to her long time friends, that’s why Vivian is her closest friend, their living and working in the same city was a dream come through for her. However, she creates a little room for new friends, who may take her ages to accept after much observations. She opens up quite easily, once a friend is confirmed trustworthy. Not minding this trait of hers, she’s quite a funny character.The business mogul travels out of the country on business trips quite often. He is a major importer of metro tiles. He resides in Portharcourt. His success in business is as result of his hardwork, and most contributively, his father’s advice and monetary assistance. He had grown to be a good manager for himself. He coincidentally graduated from the same university wit Dora, but about 8 years before Dora came in as a Jambite; so, they never met in school.

On a sunny Saturday, he invited Dora on a date. To Dora, it was another opportunity to make a new friend…”but I’m sure not going to have anything to do with him”, she thought. Their discussion for the day centred basically on listing goals and achieving them, family life and marriage life. They discussed these in general times, without personalizing them. The moment was worthwhile. Dora and the business mogul had some drinks, and when it was evening, he wanted driving her home, but she insisted on taking herself home.

Five months after the lockdown, Vivain set to wed. Dora being her closest friend, took it upon herself to make her big day memorable. She had long asked Vivian to introduce her fiance to her the very day she told her of his proposal, but Vivain cheerfully declined, promising to plan a surprise party for three of them after her wedding. The preparations went perfectly, the wedding was fixed for 20th, invitation cards printed and ready to be given out. Dora chose the I.V colour for Vivian, but surprisingly, she was unable to take a look at it after the printing, she was more focused on helping her friend get other things done, and since she would behold the prince charming in less than a month time at the altar, she needed not to be anxious knowing who he is, her friend didn’t disclose much information about him too. All Dora is concerned about is that her dear friend is getting married and she’s happy for her.

The wedding Mass took place at Infant Jesus Catholic Church, Uke. The traditional marriage had already taken place, but was strictly attended by the bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, and a withness (kinsman), from the both families because of the covid-19 pandemic.

The bride with her friends lodged in a hotel around. It was the wedding eve. Dora being the closest to the bride, slept with her in the same room, while others slept in the next. The groom with his friends too, lodged in a different hotel. The night was short; Dora was almost awake doing the finishing touches for her friend. Morning came, and the wedding preparations proper began. Vivian is so lucky to have a friend like Dora, who is not only a lecturer, but also a makeup artiste. She made her friend glow on her big day, her wedding dress was super, and she looked as elegant as a queen. “Vivvy, I’m sure your hubby will barely recognize you, you really deserve to glow on this day, you’ve been a special friend to me.” “How would I have coped with the heartbreak caused me by my love if I didn’t have you around”, Dora said with her left hand off Vivian’s hair and on her chest; I do love Francis even with the heartbreak”, she shook her head. Because Dora needed to be behind the scene in order to take care of things for her friend, before and during the reception, she didn’t become Vivian’s chief bride’s maid.

As early as 8am, Vivian with her bridal train left the hotel for the church, the mass was scheduled for 9. Vivian’s relations and other invitees came in minutes after Vivian. The bridegroom also came in with his entourage just after Vivian’s arrival with her girls. The Mass began at exactly 9. The presiding priest gave the couples viable words of adice in a sermon-like form, after which the couples came forward, beginning with the couple who came in first, followed by Vivian and Francis, and then, the third couple, in readiness to exchange marital vows. Minutes after which it was Vivian and Francis’ turn, Dora came in, she made it late to church because she supervised the deco done by the decorating team at their hotel event centre. Rushing into the church building, she saw she wasn’t totally late as she wanted to withness her dear friend’s exchange of marital vow with her prince charming.

I, Francis Ezesinachi take you Vivian Uzodimma…The names rang bell in Dora’s ears, and she proceeded further to the second seat where she could see the couple clearly. She took a steady look at the groom, with her eyes fixed in his, and her body shaking uncontrollably. She wiped her eyes several times to be sure she wasn’t asleep. Her mouth was wide open. She tried screaming but made no sound; no one noticed her drama. She couldn’t believe the sight, so she drew closer to one of the invitees who was fanning himself with the invitation card, and asked to take a short look at it. It read exactly the same name she heard with the same infornation she knows about Francis and Dora. “So Francis cancelled…ourrr…to wed Dora?” “That’s not true! It’s a dream! Gosh! I’m not seeing this halpening for real…broke into tears…it’s just in my head, it’s not real…it’s not real…screamed…it’s not real…At this point, she had atrracted the attention of her husband who was formerly lying beside her. He had joined her on the couch a long time ago, when he noticed she had being quiet for long. He even buttoned down her loose gown and kissed her belly without her notice, and having waited for her for so long to make lunch, he went to the kitchen to help himself with it. It was her shout that distracted him and made him leave the table where he was studying, to join her again on the couch.

Baby, you’ve slept for almost a day, and you seem to have fever. What was the screaming about? His wife looking helpless and miserable, said “It’s a dream baby”, a terrible one”. Her loving husband laughed and told her jokingky “baby, it seems this baby in here (pointing at her belly) is dealing with someone”. “I love you, my angel”.

In the Days of Corona Virus

At the end, nothing really matters but our service to He who made us…At this point, no one is exactly safe, everyone is afraid, most people are indoors, many nations; weeping, crying and looking up to God alone, not money, not tech-know-how, not power, not class, nothing matters anymore,…but God😥If God wishes (as man wishes to do evil to another), he will let this disease spread, with little or no control, and the whole world, within a month, is all gone….all is indeed; vanity.

My Experience with the American Embassy

I was called for an interview with regards the postgraduate application I made last year. I had paid a non-refundable fee of a moderate amount and was awaiting a call for an interview as I had met the criteria for admission to the school of my choice; My IELTS result had been sent with other required documents. In fact, running around for those requirements to be met wasn’t a joke, coupled with my job. I could remember the days I had to fly to and fro Lagos, something I dreaded, as I have serious phobia for flight. I still took the risk though, and even many others.

The most touching part of this adventure (schooling in the US), was my face-to-face interview with the American embassy here in Nigeria. It was not funny. I had always thought myself to be a competent English speaker. I made a good score in the IELTS, I had conversed at length with both the British and the Americans. However, my experience with Miss Lyons that very day, made me feel I was behind.

On one occasion, I introduced myself with a British accent, after she did so. Feeling very much at home, I answered her interview questions. But one thing slapped me in the face; “I misinterpreted her question due to her strong American accent; in fact, she talked like she’s retroflexing every damn sound. Gosh! I got so lost that I kept asking her to repeat herself for up to three times; it wasn’t funny, so, please, don’t laugh.

I sincerely appeeciate the male folks. Many of those guys, though Americans, are more heard when they speak than their female counterparts.

Guess someone else has had a similar experience!