“Jinxed”(Episode 1)

Garbie had come in very cheerfully, beaming with smiles; at last she received her dream call. She had long yearned to work with a tv channel as a presenter. Ford Oil and Gas wasn’t her dream employer, and being an overtly confident lady, she rashly left Ford since she couldn’t get enough time to chase her dream. The office was a finely painted duplex; a combination of cream and the perfect shade of yellow, the colour of the furniture was smartly chosen as well as everything occupying space in the office; they were quite complementary. Garbie thought: ” Perhaps, this decor was done by one of the best in the city”.

Giving her a handshake, he spoke with a seemingly seductive American accent: “Good day Gabriella Bolt, it’s nice having you here…I’m Charles Morgan, the managing director of Rogers Television”. Please, have a seat.” She reciprocated the warm welcome and smilingly sat facing Mr Morgan with her fresh legs crossed, her skirt was mini, so anyone could have seen how beautifully she was made, from her head down to her legs , her hair was blonde and it accentuated her chocolate complexion; she’s a black American.

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