Jinxed (Episode 2)

Mr Morgan stared stupidly at Garbie admiring her beauty and blinking his eyes seductively hoping to get her attention. “It worked!”, he thought, ” she looks pretty ready for this job, a public figure ought to be a go-getter no matter the cost “. All these rang through his mind as he leapt closer to Garbie wispering a few words into her ear, “I like your guts, you seem very much ready to take up this job, aren’t you? Garbie smiled pleasantly uttering no words. At that point, Mr Morgan had frantically loosened his tie, as he felt a sensational movement down his navel. Adjusting his belt to give him more freedom, he went for Garbie’s neck, and pretending to give her a passionate kiss, handcuffed her and ordered her to sit. He scrambled through a drawer beside him as if looking for a fortune, and smiled as he finally fetched a cassette which he slotted into the VCR, and still standing, spun her around to face the machine as the video began to play.

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