Who is a woman?

A woman is wise, optimistic, magnificent, attentive and mysterious. She is dear to man; her rib was borrowed from man, thus, endearing her to man as they share a common rib. She is beautiful to adore, loving to cherish, patient to appreciate, kind to acknowledge. She never gives up; her persevering nature is to the core, she is intelligent and prides at passing her knowledge, skills, wisdom and understanding on to every human. She is tactical, virtuous, calculative, peaceful and supportive. She can rise a dry bone with the melodious, promising, meaningful and charming words that come out of her mouth. She never tires of starting all over. She stoops so others can stand. She cries her heart out when she is hurt, yet, she keeps loving in return. She is an amazon, fierce as a lion in protection of her loved ones, she can die for her seed, instead of her seed to die. She is a one-man army in the battlefield. She is strikingly loved by God, adored by man and respected by Angels. She is the pillar of her man and children, a home maker, her man’s whore, the mitochondrion of her family, the source of happiness, hope, peace, joy, progress. Without her, man is helpless, hopeless, aimless, homeless and childless. She is a woman; seemingly weak, but surprisingly stronger than the strong. Her strength is in her heart. Her weeping instigates chaos and doom. She chooses to let go even when it is too difficult to, she appreciates her nature, she loves her man, her seed and then, herself. She is worthy of being celebrated!!!


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