Faith In Humble Beginnings

Starting up a course usually comes with some negativities such as doubts, stress and discouragements. At first, even with one’s resolution and hardwork, things don’t just fall into place, and that’s when one gets to realize that determination and hardwork are not enough. Majority fall out at this point, but the few who continue with the belief that it will work out, eventually meet with success. Faith is the potency of a business; it is the only virtue that keeps the business alive when it is practically dying. Faith will make a business oriented person to spend more money on a business that is obviously going down. He knows it’s a 50/50 chance, however, in most cases, he thinks and envisages more the success that he will be rewarded with instead of the failure and loss he may experience. Most surprisingly, a higher percentage of this group eventually get successful in contrast to the other group who chicken out. And that is the reason they spend their lives jumping from one business to another, yet, they are neither fulfilled nor successful.

What is your attitude to humble beginning?

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