Abort Me Not

I’ve just told you that I’m not aborting any baby. Let me be. Since this baby had found its way into my womb, why should I force it out? Why? Just tell me why you can’t forget about your friends’ mockery and support me in carrying this baby you planted in here(pointing at her stomach). Sobbing…I am the only child of my parents; my mother flushed my supposed younger sibling when I was just four months, she couldn’t think of carrying another pregnancy just four months after she had me, she felt her friends would make jest of her, she told me that was the major reason she aborted her baby, not even that she wasn’t ready for it.

But babe, I’m not even married to you and I’m not ready to be called a father now, I just graduated, I need to serve, find a job, earn a living, make money, settle my family, before I think of settling down, and you know achieving all these will take like years years, I’m just a young guy, I’m not even experienced, my parents still pay my bills…Oh! No! What have I done to myself?

But your parents are well to do, they can sponsor our wedding, place you on monthly allowance until you get a job. I am not saying that you should emburden them, but, what I’m saying is that right now, we are helpless, and we need parental help, let’s not abort this baby, please!

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