The Essence of Motherhood

Motherhood is a gift, an opportunity, a privilege, a status and a reality reserved for the female gender. Every married woman yearns for it, married men pray for it, spinsters admire it, and bachelors appreciate it. Mothers are gods; they bring forth life into existence, they choose a bitter-sweet pain so as to bring forth fruits. The seed of fruitfulness, they carry in their wombs for nine months. In the first trimester, their world seems to be upside down; their bodies go through unbelievable changes; they puke, spit, get irritated, become annoyingly picky with food, some beg for the same meal they hated in the past, prefer to stay long in the smelly restroom just to inhale its stinking smell, they eat so much that they become surprisingly fat. In the second trimester, the journey seems to have gotten tougher, their bellies begin to swell up gradually, their beauty begins to fade gradually, they pay less attention to the maintenance of their beauty, some get unbearably nagging. Then, comes the third trimester. At this stage, it is God’s grace that keeps them;the journey gets much more tougher, their bellies become much heavier, they walk with their hands on their waist, they feel the painful kicking of their fruits, their belly, buttocks and hips itch, they manage daily to take care of their responsibilities, they cry to God to help them have smiles at the end, they do all these and even more, and on the d-day, their fruits come forth, they look up, watch it, smile and praise God. And just after then; the second phase.

The essence of motherhood is put to play at this stage. A mother doesn’t just bear forth her fruit, she shapes, nurtures, tends, teaches, corrects, trains, inspires, directs, motivates, reprimands, praises and blesses her child. She does not curse him, she creates quality time for him, she provides for him, she is a god to him. To be a mother is to be a father, a sister, a brother, a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a counsellor, a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist, a banker, a guardian, a professional in all areas. She is a mirror, her seed looks up to her, and her seed is a reflection of her. The essence of motherhood is achieved only when the seed she has born forth is productive.

Most regrettably, the 21st century motherhood has been negatively redefined. Motherhood means ‘my daughter/ son; you must make money at all cost, you must gain admission without passing the exams, you must pass the exans without studying, you must go naked my daughter so rich men can see you and marry you, I don’t care if you fear God as long as you are providing my needs’, et cetera. It is most heart breaking that African mother has lost her pride through over imitating the Western lifestyle. However, my warm appreciation goes to the amazons who are determined to be the light to their husbands, children, neighbours, society and the nation. Your seeds are your reflections, and they will not disappoint you. They will make you proud, peaceful, glorious, more beautiful and long lasting. You shall reap the fruits of your labour. You are a true reflection of beauty; real beauty, that which never fades in the test of time. Her Royal Splendour admires you and wishes you a happy mother’s day.

All hail the Attractive Mother, all hail the Zealous Mother, all hail the Queen Mother!

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