She is a year older!

She was born on a certain market day

In the solitude of the night

The water that formed her

She understands not its mistery

But in the chilly night

The mysterious water gushed forth

And therein, her discomfort set in

The heat she could not bear

The darkness blessed her with shivers

She yelled at her entrance

Into the world of certain creatures

The yelling was cut short by her mischievous smile

A smile of victory, a smile of love

For the fine world she beheld

Seconds, minutes, hours and days

Tick-tock! tick-tock! tick! tock! tick! and tock!

Years and years and years and years

She grew, wandering and wondering

The message wasn’t clear; the purpose untold

Suddenly a mighty wind blew

Babies stopped suckling

The beating has changed and her thin waist must dance to the tune

It is a melody, she sings like a princess with the finest voice

She twerked and jerked, the pure bliss caressed her, kissed and smooched, deep and intense was the romance; she got lost

She has been charmed, and her purpose revealed

She is a year older!

In the days of innocence, she smiled mischievouly

Are those innocent days no more?

She asked as she gripped the hands of her hero

The one and the Almighty Hero

She smiles again, more attractively, her Hero never disappoints!

Aha! Aha! Aha! He is not Amaka!

Chioma; He is not, and David: not

She is a year older!

Amazing she looks, awesomeness defines her

She celebrates each passing minutes

Should I weep she asked in the midst

Oh! What shall I do? Where shall go?

The waters are troubling the fishes

Should they leave the water for the grass?

Oh! No one is here!

I can see beauty running

With her weak bones cracking and breaking

Alas! Oh earth! Who do I embrace hitherto?

You promised to be forever my fortress

Send me my Angel, Hero, and Comfort

In pain I must not ruin, she mumbled

Oh! My Sweet Hero, you are always in time

She’s a year older!

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