My Little Secret

He’s just married and quite young. He professed his unblemished love for me and opted in for a cool night out with me. He lovingly sought my choice of place, I went for one of the exclusive suites in the heart of a cool metropolitan city. The arrangements made, he sent the first class cab that conveyed me and we met in the cozy room; I was there before him. He asked for my choice of delicacies, I went for one of the most expensive in there and a bottle of sparkles to finish it up.

I enjoyed his company; he enjoyed mine as well because it was a moment of relaxed career chit-chat, relationship, and life goals. It was one of those moments I always wish for. As the night fell, everywhere became serene, sleep called as well.

Yeah, he made the expected advance, I didn’t yield, smiling and seeming not ready yet. I cleared my throat ‘sengemegenly’ and asked him to do something very important first, then I would be ready to do whatever he wanted. I asked him to kindly (with smiles* (trust me)) call his wife and pass the phone to me. (Looking so stupid in my eyes, he asked me with fears in his eyes; what do you want to talk to her about?) I told him so calmy; ‘sweetheart, I just want to take permission from her before I ride her private jet’.

Guess where I slept that night with a sweet cheque! In another cozy room!

Since that day, he stopped asking me for a night out. We are still best of friends till this moment I type this.

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