Self Realization

Today, I’ll be speaking on self realization. This is a project I have long meditated upon but kept procrastinating. However, being neglected has pushed me into forcing the horse to drink from the stream. All thanks to that very one who neglected me!

To realize oneself means to identify the abilities, skills, know-how, strength, professionalism and uniqueness in oneself. We are all born with one, two or even more abilities, and in the process of growing up, we acquire others either consciously or effortlessly. What makes an individual attractive is the use of one, two or more of these skills for problem solving in the world, in other words, any skills or abilities not put into action is non-existent. There shouldn’t be any limitations to the number of skills to acquire and/or utilize.

Procrastination, fear of failure, laziness, pride, inferiority complex and other negative vibes are the fastest killers of great minds; every great mind should avoid them. We battle with these factors everyday, and this causes the weak minds to give up on their dreams. Some people had the dream of pursuing a higher degree, but when faced with the thoughts of not even getting a better job with this degree, they give up, the resultant effect is being in the same spot and doing the same thing for so many years; no growth, no development. What if they had taken that courageous step of acquiring a higher degree which will likely expose them to a variety of opportunities? Some people have the dream of being public speakers and motivators, but when they face rejection, they give up. Did you ever think that it would be that easy to be accepted at your first attempt? No, it wasn’t going to be! When one gets to understand that ab initio, being rejected shouldn’t be the reason to stop attempting, rather it should be the trigger to try harder and smarter, it should be a rare opportunity to find out your weaknesses and work devotedly on them. Others may want to learn some technical skills, but when the learning becomes more rigorous and difficult, they give up. What if they had continued pushing in perseverance and with a joyful attitude? Wouldn’t they be experts in years?

In summary, being neglected truly hurts, it hurts even more when you believe in your abilities and are zealously working towards being better. One thing anyone who finds himself in similar situation should do is cry your sorrows away if it be that serious, the second thing to do is: get stronger in mind, the third is continue from where you stopped, the fourth; begin to do those self developing activities you’ve been procrastinating, in addition to this, set targets for yourself, and the fifth; keep growing, never give up. Finally, if you go through these stages judiciously, those who neglected you will call/come to identify with you. You shouldn’t be neglected forever!

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