When ‘Fake Perfection’ Swallows ‘Bitter Genuineness’ Up

It is man’s nature to admire ‘false’ perfection instead of ‘bitter’ genuineness. Over time, we have encountered people who reject us because we are true to them. We understand the need to be genuine, therefore, we let out our character traits both negative and positive. We have every opportunity to hide our bad traits, but because we need to be true to ourselves and to mankind, we don’t have to hide the negative in pretence of being all good and easy going. It is no news that every rational man needs to be in relationship with people who are compatible with him, however, if care is not taken, an incompatible character traits may seem compatible due to dishonesty in character portrayal which is mostly triggered by selfish interest; the reason for such people described better as ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’. People who made such affirmation as “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know” could have a point anyway.

In the past, there was a clash between two individuals who ought to be in good relationship if only one of the parties understood the genuineness of the other. Revealing such secret in a bid to be open and honest in the relationship was a bold step, not agreeing to do that which she was not mandated to do because it has not come from her heart wasn’t a display of stubbornness, airing her views with the thoughts of reaching a consensus duly wasn’t a bad idea, revealing how she felt and reacting in response to stimuli wasn’t to be capitalized upon to label an individual defiant. The truth is, that individual is free, she has high self esteem, and she’s comfortable letting the second party know how he actually made her feel; she’s not afraid of losing him, she believes that if her friend decides to reject her, denounce or unfriend her, it then shows that he doesn’t appreciate honesty, and anyone who doesn’t appreciate honesty, will always be scammed, brainwashed and manipulated…not all ‘gold-look-like’, is actually gold, some are plated with shiny elements just to entice the ignorant, biased and gullible.

How would one run away from character fraudsters? One can stay safe from these sets of humans by first of all appreciating people who live not in pretence and character deception, but in genuineness. People who are true to themselves do not say ‘no’ when they mean ‘yes’, ‘smile’ when their hearts are filled with ‘contempts’ ‘borrow’ money to pay him a visit just to please him when she actually grumbles about it, et cetera. She lets her host know that she can’t afford the fare, so will be needing the bill to be footed by him, and so on.

In conclusion, the resultant effect of believing in those who hide their negative traits is grave. If you need to avoid this, kindly appreciate those who are bold enough to show you their negative traits (no human is without blemish). The next thing is to be patient with them, you will sure get to understand them if you are not too conclusive and fussy. When you’ve achieved this, these set of people will remain faithful and trustworthy in the test of time, you have known their weaknesses, so, there is no surprise uproar of unbearable behaviours. Most relationships built this way, are the healthiest because when these obvious bad characters have been worked on, genuine positive characters spring up.

2 thoughts on “When ‘Fake Perfection’ Swallows ‘Bitter Genuineness’ Up

  1. You are absolutely right and in addition, pretence is known as fraud no matter the circumstance because people will ask why will someone be faithful after 10 years shows certain traits, it’s because they have not gotten what they wanted so they need to remain subdued.
    True friendship is not about what’s involved but what we attain as a whole.
    Thanks Genevieve.

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