I Proposed to Him

I’ve dated him for practically 7 years yet he’s not ready to pop the question. As the go-getter I am, I took the bull by the horn, I can’t waste my time for nothing, not at all. So, I invited him on a date at the shopping mall situated at Abakaliki Road, GRA, Enugu. There, we had lunch, had some drinks and real gist. He professed how much he loves me, how he plans to take me to Australia on vocation, how his parents wish to meet me, how he hopes to get this multi-million contract that will change our lives forever. As he was saying all that, I listened keenly to hear him say ‘ marry me’ because that’s my own interest and since it wasn’t just forthcoming, I boldly pulled out my shabka from my purse, knelt right before him and asked ‘Izuchukwum, will you marry me?’ Guess what happened next! Hmmm, I expected it but I did not give a damn.

I stole the show like a correct thief. Young men, women, children, elderly people, practically everyone around began to look at us with utter surprise, some were laughing, some; shaking their heads in shame, others; murmuring, but I kept staring boldly at my Izu…Really, you never know what’s in the heart of a man. Izu took my left hand, walked me up to the centre where everyone could see us perfectly, knelt in tears, took a diamond ring out of his right pocket and put it on my finger. Mehn! I felt like collapsing, I couldn’t believe the coincidence, how about my spectators? Hmm! They rushed me, showering me love, some even pecked me, praising my boldness and doggedness. It was a wow day for me. And guess what?

He got the contract, we are travelling to Australia for the almighty honeymoon. Wedding done and certificate filed!

11 thoughts on “I Proposed to Him

  1. Nice one dear. Never give up on your loved ones no matter how long it seems, d situation at d moment. Patience is d key. Knowing what u want and going for that really pays.

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