When I Get Pregnant

When I get pregnant, my husband will be happy that I am, I too will be grateful for the opportunity, my mother will be longing to see her grand child, my father will be enthusiastic about its sex, my siblings will be expecting their nephew. In all, I carry the load alone, but with sweetness, care, love, hope and determination. My husband will ask me how our baby is doing, I will tease him for being conscious only of our baby, forgetting me, but after teasing him, I will look him in the eyes, take his left hand, drop it gently on my bump, and make him feel the foetal movement. I know he will smile at me not just because its a boy, not just because I accepted him, not even just because our family size is increasing, but because he loves me. He will kiss my abdomen, letting his tongue feel the foetal movement.

Sometimes, I will hunger for my worst meal ever, I will eat it like it’s my favourite. I will get irritated by my own body and even the most pleasant smell will become my worst nightmare. I will wake my husband up at midnight to ask for a glass of wine, I will ask him to massage my feet, my belly and my hips, I will ask him to make love to me, I will ask for too much. My husband will understand me, he will be at my beck and call, he will sacrifice his comfort for me, for our son.

I will go shopping for my baby kits and I’m sure I will buy the most beautiful wears for him. My husband will drive me to the most beautiful mall for customized apparels; there, I will buy beautiful vests, shorts, shoes, nighties, belts, etc, for my prince. He will pay for them all with all pleasure. I will smile at him like he’s my new crush, of course, he will look dashing and I; sexier. On our way home, we will branch to eat ǹsàlà soup with pounded yam. I will finish mine and help him with his and he will be so happy to let me eat. Just like the superwoman I always am, I will drive us home as a way of saying thank you to him for everything, though I’m 8 months gone.

One thing I will not do to my husband; I will not take advantage of his humility. I will love him more, cherish him more, pray more fervently for him, bless him, respect him more. I will take care of our son to be born, and I will give him the name of his father; Izuchukwu.

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