The New Bride (Episode 1)

”Halt! Don’t come in yet”, she screamed with a faint voice as tears rolled down her face. “You are too big, I’m afraid if I let you in, I will cry this building down, and our neighbours will come asking what the problem is, just let me be, Frank”. “Don’t be childish honey, Frank responded, just keep calm and let me put you in the mood, that will make it less painful for you, ok”. She couldn’t calm her nerves, but continued to avoid his lips, touch and feel which put her husband off, making him leave her for another room. They continued to be celibate, and in the fourth month, the expected eventually happened.

Frank had dated Habibat for 4 years and was set to pay her dowry on her birthday, but his parents for religious reasons, refused to accept Habibat. They made arrangements for him to marry Yvonne instead. It was a tough time for him, but had no choice as his mother was determined to frustrate him. Frank eventually settled for Yvonne.

“You look stunning Frank, how have you been, and your wife, how is she? “We are all fasting, Habib…never mind though”, he replied, avoiding her eyes. Habibat felt an unusual behaviour in him which she could not uncover, though she pretended to understand what he meant by “we are all fasting”. “I would love to have lunch with you sometime next week, I hope that’s all right with you?” She quried. Thinking quickly about his marital status at the time, but remembering his 4 years of friendship with Habibat, he gave his consent.

Piccadilly Hotel is one of the most advertised in Lagos, Nigeria, its exclusive restaurant and bar made it the best choice for most people. Habibat and Frank had a seat in one of the VIP sections, exclusively for couples. There, they had an exquisite meal and a lot of alcoholic beverages. Half way in their discussion, Habibat who had taken much drinks and already feeling tipsy, drew closer to Frank who didn’t become rather indifferent, but positioned himself to be reached better by his ex girlfriend. She frantically adjusted the window shade to total darkness; the lights were dim enough to allow the darkness be. Habibat found her tongue in Frank’s, their lips changing positions in each other’s mouths from time to time. Frank who was looking hungrier and ready to devour at the moment, went for Habibat’s blouse, pulled it gently off her body, reached for her apples and sucked them passionately simultaneously. He enjoyed the sweetness of his ex; he missed her dearly. Their action re-inkindled the old 🔥 which burnt 4 years ago, and the evening saw the sexiest part of the duo; Frank made Habibat gasp for his massive cork as he sucked her lips, apples and cookies. “The quickie was worth it, Frank did not hesitate to appreciate as he pulled out gently with his fluid dripping in his palm. Habibat smiled guiltily at him as she hastened back to her position after the adjustment of her clothes. Frank thanked her with a warm kiss and pleasant smile.

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