The New Bride (Episode 2)

Six months later, Yvonne informed Frank about her trip for the three-day conference on Aids education which was to take place in Glasgow. Yvonne was one of the resident doctors at Lagos University Teaching Hospital. She made her husband believe that she was appointed to represent her organization. She also made plans for her trip, not forgetting to tell her husband of her intended flight to Dubai after the conference, making him believe the reason was for her to buy fashion accessories for her younger sister; she had an ulterior motive though. Frank who had gotten tired of his wife’s nonchallant attitude to their marriage but decided to watch as events unfolded, asked her how long she would be staying in Dubai. Her reply marvelled him. “Two whole weeks to buy fashion accessories?” “Are you going to buy the whole UAE?” “Anyway, do what soothes you”, Frank retorted.

Yvonne had put everything in place before finding her way to the airport on the scheduled day of departure with other resident doctors. The flight was smooth, and in 8 hours, they landed and found their way to the hotel where they lodged. “Hello, we just arrived”. “How was your day?” “Do take care of yourself”, Yvonne was on the phone with her husband. She immediately dialled another number. It was Michael’s. Michael was Yvonne’s classmate at the medical school. They dated for 6 years and hoped to get married after house job before their families tore them apart. Yvonne was Anglican; Michael; Catholic. Apart from their religious differences, their fathers had a misunderstanding that had rendered the two families perpetual enemies. Professor Cletus, Yvonne’s father who was the Vice Chancellor of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka when her daughter was still a student, was accused by Professor Nwaka, Michael’s father of mismanagement of fund. That saw the end of their friendship and Professor Nwaka swore never to let his son marry Yvonne. Those differences, though it did not stop the love their children had for each other, stopped their children from getting united in marriage. Yvonne had a long talk over the phone with Michael, discussing some things. She wouldn’t like her colleagues to hear her discussion so she asked that Michael should chat her rather. Their chat was very long and engaging. She dropped the phone after 2 hours with a teardrop. Before then, Michael professed how much he loved her, while she reciprocated with “I love you too Mike”.

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