What Keeps You Going When the Going Gets Tough?

When I think about my success story, I am gingered up. Truly, nothing good comes easily in life. It is either you work hard for it to tell the success story, or you give it a quit and the success story is never told. It is even more rewarding to continue because apart from the benefits you get for striving to the end, your friends who know you quite well and even people who fairly know you will tell your success story, most times, without your knowledge, because obviously, someone needs to be motivated or encouraged by people’s success stories. So, don’t give up yet! You will soon hear your success story told by a total stranger.

You may be battling with a very though challenge at the moment, it could be with your job/career, finance, education, business, etc. Your problem could be that you find it difficult to set your priorities and achieve them. Sweetheart, you are not alone in this. Others face similar or even worse challenges; please, take a deep breath, calm your nerves, tell yourself you can achieve this, believe you can, and with a joyful attitude, take those priorities one at a time; once you have achieved one, mark it done, be thankful to God, then go over to the next one on the list. Avoid letting pressure work you down;it kills. The pressure will come, but overlook it, and remain calm.

You will meet people who will discourage you from sticking to your dreams, those who will incite fear in you and tell you many others tried but didn’t succeed. My advice to you is this: do not let them get the best part of you and drag it to the mud. Tell them they have only succeeded in motivating you, and now you will prove to them that you are different from other people, after all, you are unique.

A friend of mine, after the National Youth Service Corps program, shared with his friend his intention to enroll for the Master’s program. His friend told him the tale of people enrolling for this program in a particular institution and doing the supposed 18 months program for over 3 years, with some unlucky ones never graduating even. This friend of mine did what I advice every go-getter to imitate; he boldly told his friend that he was wrong in his assertion, and that he was going to prove him wrong. He went ahead to purchase the Master’s form, and in a few months time, gained admission and began studies. Fast forward to 2016, roughly 2 years after his admission, he finished everything about his program. He made me know that part of his reason for enrolling for that program that year was to prove to his friend that he’s different. He also mentioned that he felt challenged by his friend’s assertion and needed to do something brave about it. That’s the kind of competition brave people ought to go into.

Finally, as you read to the end, I encourage you to be optimistic at all times, have a joyful attitude to life, be open minded and be good to everyone. You will succeed!

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