I Took a Chance

So the previous day, a friend of mine brought her kids; two of them, to my house, seeking that I kindly let them be with me so she could run around for some business deals. I gladly accepted. Of course, she’s a dear friend to me and I enjoy the company of her soldiers. I kept the kids busy with their favourite TV channel while I kept myself busy with some official duties; I work from home. They never gave me a headache. While I was rounding off with my work, the power was interrupted though I didn’t notice it because my eyes and mind were fixed on my computer. I got to know the lights were off when Nelson, the oldest, about three years old, came crying to me; “Aunty! They have taken the light”. “Oh! poor child!” I thought. I gently pulled him to my bosom and asked him not to worry that I was going to take them out. He nodded with a smile. Trust me, I’m good at making that happen.

In about half an hour, I was dressed and we got ready to leave. I quickly thought about the closest place we could go where kids would have enough space to run around. Castle Hills flashed my mind. It’s the closest, however, I wasn’t comfortable enough with it because of the pool it has behind. Still with that thought, Kennedy, the youngest, he just turned two in May, called excitedly “Aunty Aunty”, pointing to the gate of Castle Hills as we walked past it. “You like us to go there”, I asked him. You needed to see the way he said yes, like he was going to see his mummy there. I quickly remembered that we’ve been there with their mum. That settled it.

Castle Hills is actually one of the best places to take kids to. Its spaciousness and sandy ground made it so. At least your kids could play really good without having bruises all over, and you don’t need to follow them around while they play to stop them from falling; when they fall, they get up and continue playing. Another good thing about it is that they sell varieties of kiddies stuff, ranging from toys, balloons of different sizes and shapes, and those brands of drinks kids enjoy. All I did was go into the kiddies section and bought lovely balloons for the kids. I knew that would keep them busy while I went through my blog site. Beside the kiddies playground was a pool. I didn’t even think of the kids going close to it because they had enough space to play in the kiddies section and there was a barricade to stop anyone from going to the pool side, also, I needed a serene atmosphere at the moment and that corner was perfect for me because the kids played without being interrupted by anyone as we were the only ones occupying the place then.

Just a few seconds after I thought about the possibility of a child going to the poolside, on raising my head and looking towards the barricade, Kennedy swiftly forced himself into the barricade and was just standing in front of the pool, and before I could fully comprehend what he was about doing and then running to the direction, he had walked into the pool. The first word that left my mouth was “God”. I couldn’t believe it, confusion set in. First, I wanted going to call the security, but “no, this boy would drown in this pool if I waste more time”, I thought. Though I had not being in the pool before and couldn’t even swim, I ran fast to the pool, jumped into it and held the boy. Luckily, it was the shallow part. How I managed to get us out of the pool is still a mystery to me. I’m grateful the boy wasn’t hurt though I had to take him to a clinic immediately.

Really, I was glad that I took the chance. If I hadn’t, worse would have happened. That experience wouldn’t stop me from taking the kids out though. I need to be more conscious, that’s just it.

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