August Greetings

Here we are, privileged to see the breaking of the first day of August, 2019. Are we not highly favoured? Are we not blessed? Are we not the apples of God’s eyes? We are to show gratitude to the One who made this so. We are to be very appreciative of this true love shown to us by the most superior being. Last night, many gave up the ghost, many fell victims of human wickedness, many woke up to bad news, many woke up with no hope of seeing the next minute, but you who are saved, why don’t you show gratitude? Please, count your blessings, I implore you! And you shall see all the Lord has done for you. For me, I shall show gratitude and not attitude.

For we have all sinned, therefore, are not worthy of His love, we plead for mercy and forgiveness. He who loves us, is faithful and just to forgive us. Because He loves, His blood will set us free from sin.

As we step out this day, the first day of the month of August, 2019, we don’t know all that’s going to happen, but He who has set us apart, knows all, therefore, let Him take over, may His will be done this day.

Show love to everyone! Be kind to all! Comfort the broken hearted! Make a soul joyful today! Don’t be greedy! Don’t bring sorrow to people! Confide in God! Don’t think suicide! Don’t plan evil! Don’t instigate anger, jealousy, confusion, enmity, disunity! Be an instrument of peace! Help someone who can’t pay you back today! Meditate on God’s love! Use kind words! Stay focused!

Chase your dreams with optimism! Work harder than you did yesterday! Work smarter as well! Think reasonably! Make wise decisions! Take reasonable risks! Remain graceful! Remember, whatever act you get involved in, be sure you can take responsibilities of that act, if you can’t, then don’t do the act…Don’t be a liable to the people around you!

We wish us a beautiful August!!! With so much sauce!!!

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