How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Two friends engaged in a long argument about how well they know themselves. One of them said: “I know myself so well that I can’t take bribe or involve in corruption”. The other boasted thus: “No matter the height I find myself tomorrow, I can never look down on the poor”. These two friends in the heat of the argument, dared each other to live up to what they had boasted about.

Some years later, the first one who was rest assured that he wouldn’t take bribe nor practise corruption, got an appointment with Nigeria Customs Service, and was asked to resume duty. He was grateful for the job, and told himself that he was going to prove to his doubting friend that he’s not as corrupt as other Nigerians. “I am totally different from every other person, and I’m going to prove to the world that I can make a difference”, he told himself.

Some contraband goods were seized and stopped from being transported to their destination. He was to deposit the goods in the appropriate store for eventual disposal, instead, he liaised with the importer behind and agreed to release the goods if he could pay the sum of 1,000000 naira. The importer bargained with him and he ended up taking the sum of 800,000 naira from him. He thanked his stars for making him 800,000 naira richer.

His friend who vowed never to look down on the poor got promoted as the Chief Medical Director in a Federal Teaching Hospital. He had worked in this position for over 6 months with a lot of benefits including three security officers who followed him around. One day, he met his secondary school mate who had brought his sick mother to his private hospital. His classmate called his name and greeted him with much familiarity: “You are the doctor we’ve been waiting for! Thank God you are here”. He answered him formally and requested that his mother be brought in for consultation. ” Your mother needs to be operated on and you have to make some deposits before that”, he told his classmate who was poorly dressed, with disdain. “All right doc, but please accept the sum I have here, once you commence the operation, I’ll run around to get the money to complete the deposit”, he pleaded. “Does this place look like a charity home? Or do you think that it’s water I use in running this hospital? My friend, if you are not ready to save your mother’s life, kindly leave this this place and don’t come back”, the doctor said with so much hatred in his voice. His classmate who had managed teaching jobs after his university education, and was still making efforts to get a better job, left the hospital with his mother, devastated.

Let’s ponder on this story… Let’s not be in a haste to acclaim ourselves impeccable… Let’s also try our best to live up to our expectations.

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