The Prime Suspect (1)

Catherine was employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Washington, D.C., United States, in 1990. She was a smart fellow with dexterity which made her the perfect applicant for the job. She came from a broken home; her mother was Indian, and her father; American. She had her primary education in Gran Hermao Academy, her college was in India, after which she returned to America to join the paramilitary. She lived her life longing to enjoy the privileges enjoyed by the rich, as she was from a working class family. She enjoyed watching the travelogue a lot because, it gave her the hope of taking part in such adventure. Her mother died of leukaemia, that was two years after her husband, Catherine’s father, divorced her to marry Gertrude, the unknown mistress. Catherine had three brothers, whose upbringing was so messed up owing to their parents’ continual rival, provocation and separation. Their mother’s death even made things worse for them.

The lucky Catherine was on her first assignment at All Hallows Hospital and Maternity. Information reaching the agency, revealed that this hospital, had records of child trafficking and displacement, and had taken up the task of doing a thorough investigation, and pinning the culprits down with judgement and punishment. In order to achieve this, Catherine, who was a very young lady with diverse personalities, had to get into the deepest secret of All Hallows so as to get evidence. She was to do a clean job with a lot of tape recordings and video clips; she had been well equipped for this. The first step to getting the information the agency needed was to be an insider; she had to work for the owner of the hospital.

It took about six months to complete the plan; first of all, she applied for the secretarial position when the opening was made, then, waited for an interview invite. She was interviewed with five other applicants, but her smartness, versatility, and outspokenness, gave her the job. She knew she was going to enjoy the job, but she didn’t fail to forget that, she was on a course also.

The first day at All Hallows was quite interesting to her. She sat next to Dr Richard, the prime suspect. His hospital had been in existence for over twenty five years, but with so much evil underneath it’s ground. Catherine’s job description went beyond sitting and typing, it’s part of her duty to be all around her boss, more of his personal assistant. She graced the round table with an aura of confidence; that’s exactly who Dr Richard needed; “with time, I would be introducing her to the real business”, sure she’d be trusted”, he thought.

Her first trip to London was amazing. It was a conference with the Medical Board of Directors. Though she got caught with fun after the conference in the Royal Castle, she didn’t fail to record the secret conversation between Dr Richard and Dr Alphonsus, his business partner. The most amazing part of the trip to her was the time she had with the prince of Norway, who was on a tour in the Castle. “Hi!”, The prince greeted, beaming with smile as he came closer to Catherine, with his right hand stretched out. “It’s quite snowy here, lady, would you mind lending me your coat?” “That will be exactly inconsiderate of you Mr, asking the weaker sex for her coat in the midst of ‘cold’ icefalls”. “Weren’t you taught to be considerate, huh?” She asked with winks. “Yes! I’m considerate young lady! Just your coat and you’ll be warm”, the prince responded sharply. “Ok, let’s see how it goes”. He took the coat from her cold hands and threw it to the sky. “Come here”, he said, and he quickly lifted her from the ground, and pressed her in his bosom. “You look quite confident,may I know you?”. “I’m Jenna Jose, an accountant and tourist”. “I’m Douglas, an economist and tourist too”, the duke reciprocated the introduction. (The two sat by the fireplace inside the Castle where the prince had brought Catherine into during the whole period). They talked and chatted, with each of them being careful enough not to reveal his/her real identity.

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