Letter to my Mother-in-law

Dear mother-in-law,
How are you? I hope you are awesome. I know you’ll be filled with joy as you read this letter. I longed to write you a long time ago, but was waiting for the most favourable day, and this is the day.

First, I want to thank you inexhaustibly for the good job you did for me indirectly. Your son, Francis, possesses strong qualities of an ideal husband; he is faithful, hardworking, articulating, patient,funny, firm, lovable, prayerful and kind. From him, I learnt that you are a staunch disciplinarian; in fact, he has told me the tale of how you made him recite a bible passage daily when he was just 5, how you made him learn to go to bed at 9pm, and habitually wake up at 5am when he was just 6. I also learnt that he made his first meal at 8, which you intentionally made him do. I also, got to know that you thrice taught him to say ‘no’ when need be, and ‘yes’ when need be when he was just 7, and thereafter, you tested and confirmed he had learnt that. Francis learnt how to take care of his younger sister when he was just 7, during when you reminded him of one of his favourite Bible verses; ‘to love one another as Jesus loves him’.

He made me understand that his funny charisma was as a result of your reminding him that all work and no play, makes Francis a boring comedian. Moreover, what amazed me the most on hearing it, was the ingenious method you used in teaching him faithfulness when he was just 12; how you severally prepared varieties of delicious pots of soup, stocked in the fridge but conditioned him to eat just one variety and leave the rest for the visitors. I learnt you equally taught him never to ignore lending a hand when he could and should.

Sweet mother-in-law, all these you had put into my husband so many years ago, some you have forgotten, some you remember, but all, my Francis remembers and still practises till the time of writing this letter. He told me that one thing he loves you the most for was your struggle in showing him the way to a good marriage; (TAIA), The Answer Is Above. He jokingly said it took him a millennium to understand that acronym, lol.

Ma’am, you have not only produced a complete husband for me, but also, you have produced a complete father to our children, your grandchildren, thus; your legacy, I will follow, so that the trend becomes generational.
I admire you a lot Mama Francis, you are an embodiment of strength, wisdom and class, you are a great mother. I bless the day you heard the cry of my Francis, I bless that labour you experienced on the 7th day of June, 1988, at about 11:50pm. I love your son, I love you too mum.

Your daughter,
##imaginary#for the love of writing##

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