The Prime Suspect (2)

Back to America, Catherine played the audio recordings in her room; it was a record of the conversation between Dr Richard and Dr Alphonsus, his business partner. Their conversation centred on Douglas, the Prince of Norway. His Noble parents had made a secret arrangement to have him as their son many years ago. Dr Richard and Dr Alphonsus made their dream come through. The executed plan remained buried until Catherine came into the scene. The recording she played in her room revealed the real identity of Douglas. In their discussion, Dr Richard and his partner reminded themselves of the evil act they took part in twenty-eight years ago, as they drank and celebrated their acquisition of a fortune in the last business which took place the same they attended the conference. At the delivery of Gertrude of her baby, the secret child traffickers paid her off as she disappeared, and her son was handed over to the nobles who had paid hugely as agreed. Catherine decided not to disclose it to the FBI as was instructed.

Catherine reported to Mr Clinton, her group head, pretending to be with no information as she concealed the little she had. That night, Mr Clinton left his laptop on top of the couch where the group sat to rest. He was the only one who had access to it, unknowingly to him that Catherine had watched him closely while he accessed it. She frantically copied the information she needed to her flashdrive, and left just immediately, so that no one noticed her presence. She had hardly trusted Clinton because of his somewhat dubious nature. The information she gathered revealed that Dr Richard was hunted, not by the FBI, but by Clinton himself; the reason, she could not unravel. Catherine finally decided to play the game her own way; she would pretend to work for the FBI to remain safe, while she works for Dr Richard so as to get all the information she needed.

In the evening of Wednesday, the busiest day at All Hallows Hospital, a group of masked armed men, broke into the hospital with a volley of shots. Nurses, caregivers and hospital attendants running from the scene, collided, Catherine ran quickly into Dr Richard’s office with a little boy whose mother had abandoned while running for her life. One of the armed men, rushed into the delivery room, and out again into the the general room, with a newborn in his arm. Dr Richard was nowhere to be found until the chaos ceased. Later, that same day, Catherine hacked into Dr Richard’s personal computer. The data she found were in volumes, but she was unable to decode them. In order not to be suspected by Dr Richard, she decided to stay down and not question the incidence that took place that day. She stealthily did her investigations.

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