The Prime Suspect (3)

Sitting on the bed, Catherine read the translations of the coded information earlier gotten from Dr Richard’s computer. “Hi Dr Richard, deal breached! trust lost! attack awaiting! sender; Clinton. She wondered why Mr Clinton would send such a message to Dr Richard, and what deal they had. Bent on finding out the truth, she thought of a way to penetrate Mr Clinton.

Catherine made up her mind to pay Clinton a special visit. She thought: “I will buy him champagne, and pretend to celebrate my family’s reunion with him, I would dress quite beautifully, look charming and be very lovely with everything I do in there. I will make him consume enough wine to make him tipsy, so that in his subconsciousness, he will disclose the information I need, when I probe him”. While still in deep thought, her telephone rang; her brother was on the other end, with the news of Gertrude’s involvement in plane crash. She dropped the phone with a pitiable look, feeling sorry for her father’s mistress. An hour later, she had reached Mr Clinton’s house and was about knocking at the door when she had Dr Richard’s voice in the background. She decided to listen attentively. “The baby is sound and safe, it is not in my personality to hurt an innocent baby, you are the one who had breached the trust, not the baby. Pay me the agreed amount, and I will not reveal your secrets”. “I have no secrets Clinton, all of the recordings you possessed were destroyed a month ago”. You have no idea how much of your secrets I know with concrete evidence, kindly pay me, and I will let you have the baby, and seal my lips”. At that point, Dr Richard pulled out a pistol from his coat, the door was pushed open with three policemen arresting Mr Clinton and Dr Richard.

Catherine travelled to Norway to see Prince Douglas. The young man was ignorant of the circumstances surrounding his birth and Parenthood. Catherine, whose mission was to inform the uninformed and fight for justice, revealed to the Prince all he needed to know about himself. Since Gertrude was late, he would pay a visit to her family and get United with them. His foster parents, together with Dr Richard, Dr Alphonsus, and Mr Clinton were charged to court, and prosecuted for child trafficking.

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