How Many Hands Have You Lent?

What makes us fulfilled isn’t our achievements or the number of our material possessions. We live for a common purpose: to touch lives and make impacts on our world. Hence, we begin from our families, and step further into other families, the roadside, schools, hospitals; everywhere the human person is found.

We can touch lives in distinct ways: Heartwarming the lukewarm, spending time with the lonely, smiling with the saddened, listening to the heavy-laden, brightening up those who weep, feeding the hungry, serving a drink to the thirsty, educating the ignorant, counselling those in doubts, lending a hand; the list continues.

Sometime, in the previous week, I was on my way to visit the sick in the hospital (assigned to me by my religious group), as I was about going into the bus I waved down, one of the passengers came down from the bus. Though I made way for her in order not to collide with me, she insisted on passing through the tight corner, and brushed against me, with no remorse shown. The thought of her act ran through my mind, I shoved and took a seat on the bus. It was after then, and with my listening to her asking someone to help cross her over to the other side of the road, so she could take a bus to Enugu, that I took a close look on her; instantly, I realized she’s visually impaired. Moved with compassion, I came down from the bus, and offered to help her, since no one was ready to assist her. We eventually crossed over, with her bag, walked some distance, and waited for the bus that picked her. I bade her bye and wished her well. She was very grateful.

I felt more fulfilled than I did when I achieved my personal goals, and I reminded myself of the need to lend more helping hand. And I told myself that I need to do more of ‘this’, and I’ll do it over and over until there’s nothing more to do, and my records become outnumbered.

Truthfully, putting smiles on faces, is a more rewarding and fulfilling achievement. We need one another!

How many hands have you lent?

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