My Experience with the American Embassy

I was called for an interview with regards the postgraduate application I made last year. I had paid a non-refundable fee of a moderate amount and was awaiting a call for an interview as I had met the criteria for admission to the school of my choice; My IELTS result had been sent with other required documents. In fact, running around for those requirements to be met wasn’t a joke, coupled with my job. I could remember the days I had to fly to and fro Lagos, something I dreaded, as I have serious phobia for flight. I still took the risk though, and even many others.

The most touching part of this adventure (schooling in the US), was my face-to-face interview with the American embassy here in Nigeria. It was not funny. I had always thought myself to be a competent English speaker. I made a good score in the IELTS, I had conversed at length with both the British and the Americans. However, my experience with Miss Lyons that very day, made me feel I was behind.

On one occasion, I introduced myself with a British accent, after she did so. Feeling very much at home, I answered her interview questions. But one thing slapped me in the face; “I misinterpreted her question due to her strong American accent; in fact, she talked like she’s retroflexing every damn sound. Gosh! I got so lost that I kept asking her to repeat herself for up to three times; it wasn’t funny, so, please, don’t laugh.

I sincerely appeeciate the male folks. Many of those guys, though Americans, are more heard when they speak than their female counterparts.

Guess someone else has had a similar experience!

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