My Home Tutor Taught Me This

Mr Sly was the head teacher of Brainy Kids Schools, Abuja. He started off as Grade 5 class teacher, and after 9 years of service, he was made the head teacher. He was the most trusted male teacher. The school management regularly did staff appraisal, and from the records, Mr Sly was selected as the most deserving of the head teacher position after his predecessor’s relocation to Australia. It was a joyful moment for Mr Sly, other teachers respected him so much as he respected himself as well. He handled the position with extra care; he encouraged his fellow teachers to do their work well and on time, ensuring their lesson notes and plan are regularly checked and marked before use, seeing that class lessons are done judiciously, and that a month to the exam, the questions are typed and printed. He monitored co-curricular activities as well. He earned the trust of many, including parents, and since he had being with the school for 9 years, he knew much about the school, so, he virtually had good answers to questions about the school, he had very well got acquainted with school management. With time, parents began requesting that he did extra lessons at home for their kids. Mr Sly at first turned them down, but when he saw many parents were still clamouring for that and they were ready to pay a good sum, he had a rethink.
His first day at Dr. Seun’s house was beautiful. He joined Tokey, Dr. Seun’s daughter when his driver came to pick her. She was 5 years and was in Grade 1. Sarah was home at the time they arrived. She was the one who took Mr Sly to the sitting room where she served him juice and meatpie, and went back to take care of her daughter. She had made lunch for her; white spagetti with sauce, and immediately she had lunch, she sent her to her room to take a nap. Mr Sarah finally settled in the sitting room where she discussed at length with Mr Sly, the time for the lesson.
Mrs Sarah was a house wife. Her husband stopped her from working after her third miscarriage due to the stress of her banking job; she was the head of the marketing team in her branch. She’s a pretty woman. Her love for light skinned men made her choose Dr Seun of the many she dated. She hated the fact that she was stuck in the house, but had no choice as her husband would hit her at the mention of work, she also needed to put herself together since she needed another child.
It was a year already. Mr Sly was doing his job well and the family of Dr Seun are very happy with him. He had become closer to the family, and he had earned the family’s trust. Sometimes, he helped Mrs Sarah with shopping. Her husband never took note of that as he was hardly at home; he owned a big hospital in the heart of the town, and also works in a governement hospital as a funally

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