How the Demon was Expelled

Nkiruka told the story of how the demon was expelled.

I am 33. A lady with a lot of ambitions. I am a graduate, for my love of dishes, I went to catering school just to learn to prepare uncommon dishes, both continental and intercontinental. I am Anglican. I believe in God; I believe in the power of prayer. My family is staunch Anglican, we do not fail to attend sunday services. From childhood, I had been attending fellowships, I’m equally a Bible class student. I grew up to believe that my parents’ backgrounds are godly. My dad did tell me as a child how his father, my grandfather taught him to be a good christian. My mother was Catholic; her background story is quite similar with my dad’s. I have been a virgin till about 5 years after my graduation from the tertiary institution; it wasn’t my decision though to get deflowered, however, I put the blame not on anyone but myself.

When I clocked 25, my desire to get married became stronger. I had watched my younger ones get married, my mates, classmates, schoolmates, some of their weddings I attended. A year after 25, I really believed it was going to be my year of getting married to a young, responsible guy whom God had made for me, but my dream never came through. Letting the year get by without getting married was a nightmare for me because right from adulthood, I had hoped to get married at or before 25 as my mum always told me that’s the ripe age for marriage. My dream seemed to be shattered, my hope seemed lost. Then, I became inquisitive about my marital status. I sought responses from God, from my godly friends, my parents, even my pastors. I found no answer.

At 29, I realized it’s not a joke anyomre. Seeing my friends carry their beautiful and handsome babies made me drop tears. It’s not that I was not happy for them, it’s because I don’t know why I was not married yet. One day, an incidence took place that made me cry to my God in a different way…the incidence, I won’t be able to disclose right now.

While praying in tears, trust and confidence in God, my maker one fateful morning, He talked to me. What He said to me on that day changed my marital status and life for the best. But! He taught me something very important in the process: Patience.

First of all, I began to learn and live by that virtue of patience. It was not easy but God gave me enough grace to carry me. Don’t think that I married the next year! I didn’t marry as quickly as I felt I would. I got married to the love of my life, the flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bone 4 years after. Do you imagine all I went through within these years? My life was beautified, glorified and made holy. I stayed away from sex, prayed more, read more the Word of God, became kinder, more honest, more faithful to humanity, to my job, to the church, I gave more time, and most importantly, I became more patient. Then, I learnt what patience is truly all about. I think the Word of God that says ‘Be still and know that I am God,’ is the best sentence to express the true meaning of patience which I, Nkiruka learnt in 4 years. Then also, I understood that it doesn’t ever matter whether all my friends, mates, siblings, etc are married, that what’s important to God was that I learnt the virtue of patience so that I can manage my marriage when He blesses me with my man.

Immediately, this virtue was confirmed learned by God, that was when He led me to the answer I sought for years without an answer. He didn’t tell me the cause of my marital delay, rather, He gave me the solution to it. He asked me to say Sarah’s prayer in Tobit 3, 11-15, and lastly, He asked me to burn the incense, repeating the same act and in in spirit and truth, that Angel Raphael directed Tobias to carry out as recorded in Tobit 8, 1-3. This saw the end of my frequent fornication with known and unknwon faces in my dreams and I became a new creature in Christ Jesus.

So, my advice to the world is this: The world is more spiritual than physical. Premarital and extramarital sex has destroyed many men, women, children, marriages, destinies. When one engages in sex outside marriage, one mingles with as many demons as many people he/she sleeps with, and the circle keeps rolling round and round. Some demons are easily cast out by a little prayer, some vibrant prayer, while some stubborn ones may not even be cast out, except by God’s special intervention just like my own case. For truly, I went through hell before I gained my freedom…I was delivered times and again, by different priest, asked to do long term prayers with fasting including at midnights. All to no avail. It was indeed and truly only my personal encounter with God that saved me. And I am glad to let the world know that I am a free being today, and I’m glad also to announce that I am expectant!

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